Greg Alves

Hello Everyone. I’m Greg Alves, and during my career as an entrepreneur, investor and venture capitalist I have earned a good amount of insight through experience. From time to time I am asked by media outlets and other organizations to speak about my experiences or to help solve challenges that their companies, non-profits or start-up entities face. So, I’ve decided to create my own website to aggregate some of those articles and to have a place to add new information that may be useful to others.

I’m often busier than I would like, so I’m not entirely sure how frequently I will be able to update this website, but if all goes as planned there should be something new here on a relatively regular basis and I do hope it helps you to solve the same sorts of obstacles you face on your own path to success. I really feel that too many people, especially new entrepreneurs, fall into a terrible trap by assuming knowledge need to be kept private permanently in order to preserve a competitive advantage.

If you learn nothing else from my site, at least learn this: When you share ideas, cooperate with other companies, work together toward common goals and do so in the spirit of open exchange – the amount of good will, and the level of quality conversation generated will almost always earn you far more than working solo ever would have gained. Unless you are dealing with a particularly innovative piece of intellectual property, or some kind of legal constraint on your ability to engage in useful dialogue, finding others in your field and being able to establish trusted business relationships is a bigger key to your own success than just about anything else you can do.