Hot Started

It was an honor to be contacted by Hot Started for a recent Greg Alves interview about the tech startup process. They were a pleasure to work with and I appreciate their mission, trying to educate young entrepreneurs in the hope that they will take good advice and build their ideas on a solid foundation before trying to acquire funding. It’s always great to see journalistic integrity and forward thinking approach to breeding success by empowering people, rather than trying to spoon feed them, or deter them from chasing their dreams.

Good Samaritan Awards

Greg Alves AwardIf you do the right thing for it’s own sake often enough, it’s impossible to go unnoticed forever. I’d like to take a moment to thank the people at Good Samaritan Awards for naming me the winner of their prestigious accolade. It meant a lot to me to see my name on their site, saying: Greg Alves Good Samaritan Award Winner for February of 2015. I do think the work they are doing is very important, not so much because it draws attention to any individual person, but because the way they do it also utilizes the good works of others to inspire even greater momentum. Seeing the great things others are doing always invigorates my own efforts, and I am hopeful that my efforts will in turn spur even more people to take up the challenges facing our society so that we can all overcome them together!