First Post

I’ve often thought the hardest thing to write is whatever you write first. There is something intimidating about looking at a blank page or an empty website and deciding to start it off with something new. That’s a useful lesson for anyone interested in other aspects of business as well. There will always be a degree of inertia that slows your progress, and the friction is always greatest when you go from standing still toward moving slowly. Once you get going, things often become easier and you can start building momentum. You’ll also find that there are a long line of naysayers who like to stand on the sidelines telling you why something new “can’t work” for a whole list of reasons. However, as your new ideas get into gear and you begin to make progress, it’s equally amazing to see how many of those people suddenly start to see why your idea “can work” and their attitude toward the project often changes completely.

Always trust in yourself, especially when starting something new… even while staring at a blank page, an empty new office, or a first meeting with venture capitalists. You can’t score if you never take a shot, and even your misses end up being good practice for your next shot while you develop the ability to win.